Yoga & Movement

The Sanskrit word ‘yoga’ means union or connection.

My approach to yoga and movement is centred around the possibility it presents to us for union, connection and integration. How can we bring all the parts of the body into better communication with each other? How can we facilitate an open flow of energy through the body? Can we move in a way that doesn’t push, doesn’t pull, but allows the body to find freedom, lightness, joy and ease? Can we allow ourselves to move in a way that is light-hearted, playful and meets our needs in that moment? That isn’t about achieving or striving for a ‘perfect pose’ or making us ‘better’ in some way but is focused on nurturing and making space for the whole of our body and the whole of our being.

“While practicing yoga do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose. Vanda Scaravelli

By listening, being curious and exploring we can find relaxation and grounding and the experience of being at home in our bodies. My approach to teaching yoga draws on the classical yoga I was trained in, my training in Yoga Therapy for Mental Health and my training in Well Women’s Yoga therapy. It is also significantly influenced by my own 5 Rhythms dance practice and by my practice of Scaravalli yoga.